“Gambrinus ” beer house was opened in 1901 by Romanian dramatist writer Ion Luca Caragiale. Step by step the beer house became one of the favorite places amongst the people from Bucharest, becoming venue for journalists, politicians, business men, artists and tourists.
In other words, “Gambrinus” is now one of the main attractions in Bucharest, where “interbelic” food can be enjoyed. Each day is a new story…

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we appreciate fresh ingredients

Before setting the menu, our skilled chefs prepared weeks all sorts of recipes. Starting from appetizers and continuing with soups and delicious meat dishes, we are proud of our authentic cuisine. All the recipes are made with carefully selected ingredients which helps improving the taste of the dishes.
Each day our chefs cook with their traditional techniques soups and dishes, and the result can turn to a delicious story. All we can say about our sweets is that are prepared from our own recipes.

With love we recommend

cooked with passion by our chefs